Questions To Ask A Prospective Janitorial Service For Your Daycare Facility

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From sticky fingers to wobbly feet, a daycare facility can get messy and germ-riddled fairly quickly. While you may handle the basic everyday cleanup tasks on your own as the owner of a daycare facility, hiring a janitorial service for deep-cleaning can be most ideal. While most of these cleaning services offer a similar collection of service options, not every janitorial cleaning service is a good fit for a daycare facility. As you evaluate different janitorial service providers, having a collection of questions to ask can be helpful. 

What kind of vetting does the company do with employees?

Any time you contract a service provider to provide services at a daycare, the employees that the company sends to your place of business should be properly vetted. There are specific security and exposure concerns that you can be held liable for if something goes wrong. The best cleaning companies will make sure all employees have undergone a criminal background test, drug test, and proper evaluation before they are sent to your facility to work. 

What type of cleaning products does the service provider use?

In general, children can be more sensitive to certain harsh chemicals that are commonly used for commercial cleaning purposes. Therefore, finding a janitorial service that uses primarily natural-ingredient-based cleaning agents and solutions can be important. Some daycare owners prefer to stick with strictly cleaning solutions that don't involve certain chemicals or solvents that can be harmful to children. 

Has the service provider had daycare clients in the past, or do they currently?

Working with a cleaning company that has experience with cleaning daycares can be important. One, the company will be familiar with the unique needs of your business as far as what needs to be cleaned and how. Two, a company with daycare experience will understand that you have specific security concerns that must be considered to keep the children at your facility safe. 

How often can the service provider clean and what payment is expected?

Ideally, a daycare should be thoroughly cleaned at least a few times a month. However, you may need general cleaning services every week. Find out what the janitorial service can offer as far as frequency and time frames for visits. Naturally, it can be best if cleaning visits are scheduled after hours. Also, don't shy away from asking for pricing up-front. There can be major differences between different providers and how they charge for their services. 

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