Have Smelly Stained Carpet From Your Pet? Get These Services Today For Fresh Carpet And A Clean House

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If you have a pet and the pet has done a lot of damage to your carpeting, and you can see and smell urine and feces all the time, you need some professional assistance. Not only is unsightly to live in such conditions, but it's also unsanitary and unsafe for everyone in the home.

You want to see if you can save the carpeting you have, and the faster you act the more likely you are to get the results you need. Here are some of the things you want to do so you can get rid of all the odors and stains in the carpeting and around the house.

Get Professional Carpet Cleaning

Pet urine can be difficult to get out of carpeting, and this is why you need a carpet cleaning professional for the job. The carpet cleaning expert will work do the following:

  • Extract urine and bacteria from the carpet and padding layered below
  • Treat and remove stains and discoloration
  • Use a cleaning agent that removes odors
  • Treat the carpet with products to restore carpet plushness and texture

The commercial carpet cleaner and products will work to help remove everything that your pet has done to your carpet, and to get rid of the plaguing odors in the home.

Find Hydroxyl Machine Treatment Services

Find a company that will come in and use a hydroxyl machine in the space. This machine will remove the hydrogen atoms in your home, therefore removing the odors in the space. You will have to leave the house when this is completed. You also will have to remove all pets and plants.

Add Air Purification Options

After the cleaning teams have left, you may also want to add an air purification machine to your home. This will help to remove the strong smells of cleaning supplies if they are left behind, to help remove any lingering odors that are in the home, and to stop pollutants from causing odors in the future.

From here you'll be able to determine if the carpeting can be saved, and you'll be able to start fresh with an odor-free home. Look into protective fabric sprays to use to help keep the carpeting fresh as long as you can. Consider getting your pet the proper training that they need so this doesn't become a problem again in the future, and so the pet doesn't start to deteriorate your home. 

For more info, contact a local carpet pet odor removal company. 

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