Tips To Keep Your Gutters Clean This Winter

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If it's been a while since you've cleaned your gutters, you might be at a higher risk than normal of developing a leak or ice dam on your roof.  A leak in a bad spot could end up sending water down to your house's foundation and into your basement. Here are some tips to ensure you can keep your gutters nice and clean all winter long.

Flush It Out

If you didn't do a very good job of cleaning your gutters last fall, chances are there are leaves and other debris that have been allowed to linger within your gutters. Over time, these leaves will decompose and, when mixed with melted snow, a goop-like substance will begin to form. Let this gunk continue to grow and you could soon develop a clog the next time it rains or snows. You can, of course, go up to the gutters and remove the gunk by hand, but if it is congealed, your best bet is to try and flush it out. Take a garden hose up to the roof with you and run it directly into the gutters. You should try and do this on a day when the temperature is above freezing so the water you add doesn't cause a bigger problem by freezing over.

Add Wire Mesh or Another Cover

Once the gutter gunk is removed, it's time to make sure that this does not happen again. One way to do so would be to invest in some gutter covers made from wire mesh or another material that water can pass through but hard debris cannot. This will allow water to flow more freely while any remaining leaves or other issues will be kept out of the gutter system as much as possible.

Hire a Professional

If your neck of the woods gets a large amount of snow that can melt and then find its way into your gutters or downspouts, it's important that you keep the gutters as clog-free as possible in order to ensure that all of this melted snow has somewhere to go. If the snow makes it into the gutter but then hits a clog, that melted snow could then turn back into ice. Leave this unchecked and you could have an ice dam on your hands that could either damage your gutters and roof or be dangerous to you and your family down below. For best results, hire a professional to ensure your gutters remain as clean as possible. Contact a contractor who offers gutter cleaning in your area today

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