Three Essential Considerations Before Roof Pressure Washing

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Summer is the perfect season for get-togethers with family and friends. Therefore, pressure-wash your home's exterior to ensure it is ready for outdoor entertainment. However, give the roof equal attention to the walls and floor during pressure cleaning.

Consult cleaning services to understand the roof pressure washing process and make informed decisions. Conduct due diligence to avoid roof cleaning mistakes that might lead to delays or unnecessary costs. This post highlights essential considerations before scheduling roof pressure washing. 

1. Roof Material

Typically, roofs are made of various materials, ranging from asphalt shingles and aluminum sheets to concrete and slate. Therefore, consider your home's roof type before arranging pressure washing services. To avoid damages and repairs, understand the water pressure effect on different roof types. 

Select high-pressure washing for a flat concrete roof because the material can handle a high-impact water jet. However, opt for low-pressure cleaning to protect the asphalt shingles or tiles on your roof from cracking and dislodging. Inform a service provider about your roof type to help pack suitable equipment and supplies. 

2. Roof Condition

A roof's condition affects maintenance efforts. As such, schedule a roof inspection before you subject your rooftop to pressure washing. Fortunately, some cleaning companies offer roof examination services. Therefore, take advantage of the convenience and possible discount.

If a roof inspection exercise reveals damaged tiles or shingles, suspend pressure washing and contact a roofer for immediate repairs. Prompt action prevents further damage and protects the electrical wiring and insulation when cleaning resumes. Only pressure-wash your roof once the  contractor gives a clean bill of health to avoid costly repairs.

3. Time of the Year

Experts recommend roof pressure washing every 1-3 years. Therefore, select a season that maximizes power washing benefits with minimal cost implications. In particular, pressure clean your rooftop in the summer to enjoy various benefits. 

Pressure washing a roof in summer ensures the rooftop remains visibly clean throughout the season compared to winter when most housetops are covered with snow. Additionally, take advantage of the summer heat to prevent potential mold and algae growth associated with water retention. Therefore, avoid pressure cleaning a rooftop every season because summer presents a single opportunity to conduct annual maintenance. 

Pressure washing your roof will improve curb appeal and enhance outdoor entertainment. However, consider the roof type, current condition, and time of the year to make an informed decision before scheduling pressure washing services.  

Contact a local pressure washing service to learn more. 

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