4 Ways A Pressure Cleaning Service Can Get Your Outdoor Equipment Ready For Summer

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If you're getting ready for another outdoor season, don't forget about cleaning your patio furniture and your children's play equipment. A convenient way to get rid of stains and spiders from long winter storage is to hire a pressure cleaning service to wash everything down. Here are four ways a pressure cleaning service might get your leisure furniture and equipment ready for use. 

1. Remove Algae Stains

If play equipment has algae stains, you'll want those gone before your kids start sliding, climbing, swinging, or bouncing on play equipment. A pressure washer can blast algae off a variety of materials. Plus, the pressure cleaning service may use cleaning products that kill and break up the algae so it's easy to remove from outdoor upholstery, plastic, and wood. This could restore the appearance of a trampoline, play set, and patio furniture. The pressure washer might even remove rust from metal pieces too. In addition, stuck-on dirt and other stains can easily be removed with a pressure washer.

2. Remove Oxidation

If you have a play set that's made from wood, the wood might turn gray after a few years. The oxidation can be removed with a pressure washer. The key is to use pressure strong enough to remove the gray coating but weak enough that the wood isn't damaged. A pressure cleaning service can do this for play sets, wood furniture, your deck, and even your wood fence. They'll look nearly new again with the gray color taken off.

3. Get Rid Of Spiders And Eggs

A pressure washer can clean the top, undersides, and hidden areas to blast away spiders and their eggs. When furniture is in storage in a shed all winter, bugs, and spiders may seek it out to hide in. You wouldn't want to sit in a chair and have a big spider crawl out of a joint in the arm, so hosing everything down with a pressure washer is a good idea. You can eliminate the risk of spiders scaring or biting you or your kids.

4. Sanitize The Play Equipment

You may even want the play equipment to be sanitized before your kids start playing on it. Ask the pressure cleaning company if they offer this service. If so, the play set, trampoline, or other equipment will be washed first and then sanitized to get rid of germs it may have picked up in storage or while it was exposed in the yard to animals and birds over the winter.

Contact a pressure cleaning service to learn more.

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