Why Start A Commercial Pressure Washing Business?

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Do you want to start a successful business where you can acquire a lot of customers, have little competition to stand out from, and have low start-up costs? Can you work in a variety of weather conditions and do you enjoy working with people?

A commercial pressure washing job can become a successful career; the average person makes upwards of $40,000 a year as a commercial washer, and owning a commercial pressure washing business can make you potentially much more than this.

Here are reasons to start a commercial pressure washing business. Your commercial pressure washing services can be extended to a residential customer base, but this article focuses on commercial pressure washing.

You have low start-up costs

To start a commercial pressure washing business, you need a commercial pressure washer. This is a pressure washer that may have wider coverage and power over a standard model, while still being relatively easy to use.

If you don't have a pickup or other large vehicle, you'll need to invest in one. A used model is fine so long as it's reliable, and you can reinvest some funds into your commercial washing business to buy a new model as your company takes off.

You'll need an advertisement as well, which can be as simple as starting a basic website and getting some business cards. Until your commercial pressure washing business takes off, you can even use your home printer to print off brochures and business cards to save money.

You will need insurance for your commercial business, and having a retained business lawyer to assist you in your start-up is ideal as well. As your customer base grows, so does your liability, so take care of your legalities straight out of the gate.

Overall, your start-up costs are low because you don't need several employees or even a storefront.

Low barrier to entry

A commercial pressure washing business needs little introduction to a commercial client base, which means it won't take a lot of convincing that potential clients will need your business. Having a clean building exterior and parking lot is important to any business and your commercial pressure washing business is self-explanatory in what it does. The biggest barrier to entry you may face with your commercial pressure washing business is yourself; you need to work with a marketing specialist to promote your new business without overwhelming your business with too many customers at once.

Create a business plan and consider some safety training and commercial pressure washing training as you start out in your new career. It should not take long to get established if you stay dedicated. 

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