Chimney Sweep Cleaning: Why It's So Necessary

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When was the last time you had a chimney sweep clean your chimney and fireplace? If you don't remember, then you're due for this service, and for good reason: the creosote that exists in your chimney and flue is highly flammable and will just keep building up over time.

Why else is chimney sweep cleaning so necessary? Here, you'll learn more about this service and why you should have it done, ideally every season before you start up your fires for the winter.

You will have better heat when you need it

A chimney sweep will often do more than just make sure the chimney is clear, they'll clean out the firebox in your fireplace and wipe down the interior as well. A clean chimney and firebox have better airflow and ventilation. This leads to better heat control in your home and fires that have consistent air flow for healthy burning.

If you have smoke billowing back into your house after you light a fire, fires that are hard to keep lit, or fires that are weak and not very warm, consider having a chimney sweep cleaning done. You'll quickly notice a difference in air and fire quality.

You will be aware of issues before they're major

If there are problems with your firebox, the fan, or even the chimney cap of your fireplace or wood-burning unit, your chimney sweep will be able to detect these things when they do your regular chimney sweep cleaning. You can have these minor problems repaired if the chimney sweep has the time and tools to do so, or you can schedule these repairs for another time before you start using your fireplace again.

A chimney sweep cleaning can cost under $150 for a basic cleaning, provided no other work needs to be done and you don't have an especially large or complicated fireplace. However, costs vary greatly depending on the condition of your fireplace, how long it's been since you've had a chimney sweep done, what repairs you need, and other factors.

It's wise to have your chimney sweep done every year before a new season with your fireplace, especially if you use your fireplace for your primary source of heat. The last thing you want is a faulty fireplace that has difficulties staying lit or a chimney that is coated with flammable or dangerous materials. Your chimney sweep cleaning company can set you up on a regular cleaning schedule so you can keep your fireplace in its best condition.

If your fireplace could use a chimney sweep cleaning, contact a company in your area.   

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