Advantages Of Outsourcing Janitorial Services Over In-House Cleaning

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A clean environment is vital to enhancing your company or business's image and reputation. Clients will enjoy visiting your premises while your employees are happier and more productive in a clean and orderly workspace. 

That said, there are two main options for cleaning services, outsourcing commercial janitorial services and having an in-house cleaning team. Read on to learn why outsourcing janitorial services is the better option. 

Allows You to Cut Costs

Relying on an in-house cleaning staff will cost your business more over time. Since they're your full-time employees, you're expected to provide monthly salaries, health care protection, and unemployment compensation insurance, among several other benefits. On top of that, you have to purchase cleaning supplies for their use, including cleaners, trash bags, plastic buckets, mop heads, and rubber gloves. 

With commercial janitorial services, all HR management costs lie with the cleaning company. You're not responsible for the cleaners' monthly salaries, insurance, sick leaves, vacations, training, or anything of that sort. The cleaning company is also responsible for buying their own cleaning supplies. In short, you're only required to pay for their services.

You're Protected from Liabilities

There are various risks and liabilities that come with cleaning services. A cleaner may slide and fall while cleaning a wet floor, sustaining severe injuries in the process. If you're dealing with in-house staff, you're responsible for their medical costs, and you may also be exposed to legal liabilities if they decide to file a personal injury lawsuit against you. 

When you work with a reputable janitorial services company, you're exempted from all these liabilities. That's because the company has insured all its employees from all associated liabilities. You can relax knowing your business will be cleaned without incurring additional expenses. 

You're Free from Management Duties

When working with in-house cleaners, you're responsible for managing their work. You have to ensure they're using the right equipment and chemicals for the job, as well as following the best practices when using the products. This often means scheduling regular training, which, again, requires time and money. 

Outsourced janitors are in the business of cleaning. They're familiar with all the equipment and chemicals that need to be used and how to utilize them properly. They're also trained to use modern cleaning techniques to offer high-quality cleaning services. You don't even have to oversee them as they work. 

Service When You Need It

With an in-house cleaning team, you have to allocate them work at all times. After all, you want them to earn their salaries. Unfortunately, this means you'll be spending on some services that you don't exactly need. 

Thanks to commercial janitorial services, you can schedule cleaning services weekly, monthly, or even yearly, depending on your needs. This allows you greater flexibility on your budget. 

Reach out to a commercial office cleaning service near you to learn more.

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