Tips For Hotels Switching Over To Linen Delivery

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Linen delivery tends to be a lot easier from a hotel management perspective. You don't have to maintain a collection of washers and dryers, and your staff won't have to worry about washing all of the linens every day. A linen delivery service will simply drop off clean ones and pick up the dirty ones. Here are a few tips that will help ease the transition and allow your staff to adapt to using a linen delivery service.

Add sign reminders to rooms about linen policies.

You don't want guests to steal your linens if the hotel owns its own, but you really don't want linens stolen when you're renting. Many linen rental services charge a hefty fee for lost linens. To reduce theft, make sure you post signs in each room reminding guests not to take linens home with them. It may help to implement a $50 or $100 charge for missing linens. Make sure the exact charge is listed on the reminder sign to make guests aware.

Ask that the linens are weighed, not counted.

The linen delivery service will want to know how many linens are returned compared to the number they delivered. There are two ways to make this determination. They can count the linens, or they can weigh them. Weighing the linens saves a lot of time and effort. But, you may need to purchase your own scale. Check with the linen delivery service to see whether they have a scale so you can buy one if needed. Consider hanging a clipboard by the scale so that each day, you can compare the weight of the outgoing linens to the previous day's incoming weight. If the weight is lower, you know you have some lost linens to account for.

Don't get rid of all the hotel's washers and dryers.

You won't have to launder an entire hotel's worth of linens anymore, but that does not mean you should not retain at least one washer and dryer. If you have these appliances on-hand, you can wash a few linens if you run short one day. This is cheaper and easier than having to call the delivery service and have them deliver more on short notice.

Making the switch to a linen delivery service comes with a bit of a learning curve, but soon you will find it entirely convenient. Contact a linen delivery service for more information. 

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