Helpful Tips for Business Owners Dealing with Stormwater

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No matter what type of commercial property you own, it's important to account for stormwater. If you don't, then it can cause property damage that's expensive to fix. You don't even have to be a stormwater expert. These tips will get your property ready for stormwater before it ever reaches your building. 

1. Add Plants

Although plants are often viewed as a way to enhance the aesthetic aspect of properties, they also have a practical benefit too in regards to stormwater. Having a bunch of plants around walkways, sidewalks, and pavement can help control pollutants found in stormwater. 

The roots below the plants will act as a filter, screening out potentially harmful chemicals. They will subsequently not have the chance to get into storm drains and affect the water supply around the area. That will give you better peace of mind and help you better deal with stormwater in a convenient manner.

2. Set Up Drainage Basins

If your commercial property is in an area that receives a lot of stormwater throughout the year, then it's highly recommended to have drainage basins set up. They provide extra space for stormwater drainage and benefit you in many ways.

For example, unwanted debris will be caught in these systems and that's important for keeping them from getting into larger storm drains. They can also prevent pools of water from collecting around your property. You can even have companies come out and dispose of the water inside them once it reaches a certain level in the basins. You can learn more by contacting stormwater disposal services. 

3. Utilize Permeable Materials 

If you're looking to dramatically enhance your commercial property and get it ready for stormwater, then you can utilize permeable materials that provide a much better hydrologic balance. This helps reduce the amount of stormwater that collects around your property.

For instance, you can go with permeable pavement around your commercial building. This special pavement allows water to soak in and effectively reduce its impact on nearby drains. You can also go with permeable mulch and crushed shells. These materials can act as a filter much like roots do for plants. Your company then won't be seen as a liability from a pollutant standpoint.

Stormwater may not seem like a big issue for your commercial building, but it can get out of hand if you're not prepared. Instead of letting it greatly impact your building and operations, plan for it in advance. There are plenty of systems and solutions that can help you alleviate stormwater issues throughout the year. 

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