3 Tips For Getting A Quote From A Commercial Janitorial Service

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If you are planning on hiring a commercial janitorial service to help with cleaning your commercial building, then you might be curious about how much it is going to cost. Many companies will provide a quote beforehand. If you want advice about getting a quote from a commercial janitorial service, you might find the advice below to be helpful.

1. Ask for an In-Person Quote

Some companies may be willing to give some of their pricing information online or over the phone. However, you typically aren't going to get the most accurate quote without an in-person visit by someone from the janitorial service. After all, the size of your building, the number of bathrooms in the building, the type of flooring that has to be cleaned and more can all have an impact on pricing. Luckily, many commercial janitorial services are more than happy to send someone out to take a look and to provide a quote.

2. Provide Information About Preferred Products

Some business owners and managers don't have much of a preference about the cleaning products that are used in the facility or the paper towels and soaps that are stocked in the restrooms. Others have certain preferences; for example, you might prefer for environmentally friendly products to be used throughout your facility whenever possible.

Different cleaning products and paper products come with different costs, so this could impact your quote. Providing as much information about your preferences will help you get a more accurate quote. It will also help you ensure that the janitorial company actually does end up using the products that you prefer throughout the building.

3. Give a Thorough Breakdown of What Jobs You Want to Have Done

Lastly, when getting your quote, make sure that you provide a thorough breakdown of the jobs that you want to have done by your commercial janitorial service. Some companies offer more services than others. By providing detailed information about what you expect from your janitorial service, you can help ensure that you are hiring the right company. You can also get a more accurate quote, and you can find out ahead of time if you need to start looking for other companies to provide some of these services for you.

If you are going to be getting quotes from commercial janitorial services sometime soon, keep the tips above in mind. This can help you get the most accurate quote and can help you ensure that you are prepared for the first time that the janitorial service comes out and cleans your commercial building.

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