Commercial Vacuum Use And Care Tips

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For professional cleaning services, a high-quality vacuum cleaner can be an essential tool. Without this device, cleaning carpet, upholstery, and other surfaces effectively can be extremely difficult. A quality commercial vacuum can be both essential and a sizable investment. These two factors make it important to maximize the lifespan and reliability of these devices.

Use The Correct Type Of Filters

Using the wrong type of filter for the vacuum can significantly reduce its lifespan by increasing the amount of strain on the system. When an ineffective filter is in place, it may fail to protect the vacuum's motor from large particulate matter or other items. Additionally, a filter that restricts the air too much can lead to the motor overheating and the vacuum failing to get the suction that is expected. Furthermore, these filters should be changed regularly if they are to provide the expected performance as they will become clogged fairly quickly due to the intense and frequent use that commercial vacuums will experience.

Care For The Cords

The cords of your vacuums can be a part of these devices that may be the most at risk of being damaged. While individuals might think that this threat will largely be due to the cords being damaged while in use, a shocking amount of this damage can occur as a result of improper storage. Failing to take the time to wrap these cords and properly secure them before storing the vacuums can lead to considerable damage occurring. When these cords become tangled, it can lead to shorts forming, the outer insulation rupturing or any other problems that could interrupt the supply of power or even potentially lead to a risk of being shocked.

Keep The Vents Of The Vacuum Clear

In addition to the air filter, the vacuum will also have a series of exterior vents. These vents are for both allowing air into the unit while also expelling air to generate suction. Due to the environments where vacuums are used, these vents can easily become clogged with dust. To prevent this from impacting the vacuum's performance or even causing damage, they should be inspected before each time the vacuum is used. Having dust wipes or other cleaning materials with the vacuums can make it possible for employees to quickly remove these substances before using the vacuum. By making this task as easy as possible, you can better ensure that your workers are diligent with this part of caring for the vacuums.

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