How The Mold Remediation Process Goes

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Few tasks will be as immediately concerning to the owner of a house as having mold remediation work done. If you're hiring a company to handle the job at your place, it can be helpful to know a bit about the process.

Initial Mold Testing

One of the first issues to address is whether the problem you're dealing with even is mold. A mold testing services technician will visit your place and search for outward signs of mold growth. They'll check common spots where mold thrives, such as the basement, air vents, carpeting, and porous surfaces. Samples will be taken, and these will be tested to determine whether there is mold, how much is present, and what types you're dealing with.

Bad News: It's Mold . . . Now What?

Presuming the mold testing comes back with a positive result, the next step will be to go through the affected areas and determine how bad the situation is. For example, if there are wooden surfaces that are softening, it may be necessary to do some home mold removal work. This entails cutting out the affected sections of wood and replacing them with fresh materials. Similar work may have to be done to replace carpeting, drywall, and other surfaces in the house.

In the best-case scenario, lightly affected surfaces may be treatable with a simple solution of chlorine and water. Slightly more advanced problems might require the application of special paints designed to treat the surface and to deter future mold growth.

Confronting Long-Term Issues

Many mold problems arise from long-term sources of trouble, and it's critical to address these concerns before too long. Otherwise, there's a real risk that mold will simply come back.

Note, however, that not all this work can be performed by a mold remediation technician. For example, a failing A/C system may cause condensation to build up in a house. Generally, folks in the home mold removal business aren't licensed HVAC professionals. They can point out problems, however, and then you can have the work done by someone qualified.

Potential sources of trouble can occur from top to bottom in a house. While basements are the main areas where trouble appears, you may actually be dealing with a problem like a roof that needs to be better ventilated. Foundation damage is another problem a mold testing company can identify, but you'll need to have the fix done by another contractor.

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