Work At Home With A Lot Of Kids? Hire A Domestic Staffing Service To Help You Keep Your Home Clean

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If you work at home, you likely work a lot of hours. If you also have a lot of kids along with your work at home job you may find it hard to keep everything clean. If so, you should consider hiring domestic staffing services to have someone come to your home and clean for you. Below are some different services this type of staffing can offer you.

Standard Housekeeper

If you do not need an all in one housekeeper, you need to hire a traditional housekeeper.  The housekeeper can clean what you ask them to, such as regular vacuuming, cleaning the bathroom, dusting, mopping, cleaning the kitchen and more. 

You can also hire this housekeeper to do some deep cleaning for you when needed. This would include washing exterior and interior windows, dust flooring molding, dust wall corners, and dust crown molding, remove dust from all areas of your home, clean all light fixtures, scrub all walls, and much more. 

The deep cleaning also involves cleaning cabinets both outside and inside, such as kitchen cabinets, cleaning out drawers in the kitchen, bathroom, etc. If you have a lot of knickknacks in your home deep cleaning will involve cleaning and dusting these things.

All in One Housekeeper

Along with the cleaning, this type of housekeeper can offer you other services. For example, if you have a special event coming up you can find housekeepers that can help you plan the event. These housekeepers can also decorate your home, do care giving, organization, and much more. 

Some of these housekeepers can also help you with home maintenance. For example, they can make calls and set up appointments, such as set up maintenance for your HVAC unit, or call a plumber for you if needed. In some cases, this type of housekeeper will hire another housekeeper from their agency to come to your home and do the cleaning for them. This is especially true if you keep the all in one housekeeper busy doing other types of jobs that do not require cleaning. You may have small jobs for this housekeeper to do that involves your business. 

Contact a domestic staffing service in your area and talk to them about what services they can offer you. You can then set up a schedule that you would like to have your home cleaned. This could be once a week, every day, or once a month. 

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