Winter Can Be Rough: Why You Should Have Your Carpets Cleaned Before Spring

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If your home is like most, your carpets have taken a real beating during the winter. Even if you use rugs and vacuum on a regular basis, your carpets can still sustain considerable damage during the winter months. Not only that, but the tracked-in dirt will leave your carpets looking pretty beat up once spring arrives. The best way to help your carpets recover from winter is to have them professionally cleaned. If you're not sure your carpets need the added attention, here are four reasons you should schedule a professional cleaning:

Sanitize After Flu Season

If you've had the flu go through your home a few times this season, you need to have your carpets cleaned as soon as possible. If you're like most people, you wipe down all your surfaces to get rid of germs. However, even with all that sanitizing, there could still be germs lurking in your home, especially in the carpet fibers. If you have kids, they could be coming in contact with those germs every time they play on the floor. One way to rid your home of winter flu germs is to have your carpets cleaned and sanitized. 

Remove the Winter Dirt

Winter dirt and grime can wreak havoc on your carpeting. Not only do you have to worry about the mud and snow that gets tracked onto your carpets, but you also have to worry about the road salt. Unfortunately, all those things can combine to destroy your carpets all the way down to the padding. If your carpets have been exposed to rain, snow, and road salt this winter, get rid of all the grime by having them steam cleaned before spring. 

Restore the Fresh Scent

One of the problems with winter is that you can't open your windows to allow in the fresh air. Unfortunately, that means your home may start smelling musty and foul. Using air fresheners and carpet fresheners won't remove the cause of the odor; in fact, all those do is mask the odor with artificial fragrances. If you're ready to restore the fresh, clean scent in your home, have your carpets cleaned as soon as possible.

Get Head Start on Spring Cleaning

If you have a long list of projects to perform around the house as soon as spring arrives, get a head start by having your carpets cleaned. Getting your carpets cleaned as soon as the harsh winter weather is over will give you the motivation to move on to the rest of the house.

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