How To Have Your Rugs Cleaned To Restore Their Beauty

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The rugs in your home need to be cleaned regularly, just like your carpet. Your rugs may even need to be cleaned more often since they are usually placed in high traffic areas of your home. You might wash small rugs in a large machine at the laundromat, but when it comes to big area rugs, heavy rugs, or rugs made of delicate fabrics, you'll want to hire a professional to clean and dry the rug thoroughly and safely. Here's a look at the rug cleaning process.

When The Rug Is Cleaned In Your Home

It may be possible to clean a rug in your home without having to take it to a rug cleaner. In this case, the cleaner uses carpet cleaning equipment and cleans the rug while it's on your floor. The rug is vacuumed first to get rid of dust and grit, and stains are treated before the rug is cleaned. Rug cleaners always take the fabric into consideration before cleaning a rug since rugs are made from a variety of materials and some are very colorful and delicate. The right cleaning method is chosen so the fabric and colors are protected during the process.

It's not always best to clean a rug while it's on the floor at your home, especially a large rug that's on carpet since it's important to get the rug completely dry after cleaning. Your rug cleaner may take the rug to their shop to be cleaned instead.

When The Rug Goes To The Cleaners

A rug cleaning service will pick up and deliver your rug since area rugs are heavy and bulky to move. Once the rug is in the store, it may go through several steps to be cleaned and dried depending on the type of fabric. Air dusters blow off dust, or the rug may be beaten for dust removal. Spots are treated to remove stains, and the rug is washed with cool water and a cleaning solution. A pressure washer on a gentle setting might be used to remove deep dirt.

When the cleaning steps are over, the rug is rinsed thoroughly, and it might be sent through rollers that squeeze excess water from the fibers. Then, the rug can be fluffed up by spraying it with air or using a rug brush. The final and important step is to dry the rug. The cleaning process takes place with the rug spread out on the floor, but drying takes place with the rug suspended in a room-sized dryer to ensure even drying throughout the fibers.

If you haven't had your rug cleaned by a professional, you may be surprised at how different it looks when you get it back home. Months or years of foot traffic crush the fibers and darken the color on rugs even if you vacuum frequently. Professional cleaning removes dirt so the colors look bright and vibrant again, the fibers are lifted, and the fringe is fluffed up so your rug is a more beautiful addition to your home. Contact a local company like Superior Rug Services to have your rugs cleaned. 

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