Own An Office Building? Hire A Commercial Cleaning Company To Protect Everyone From Germs

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If you own an office building, it can be easy for one employee to spread sickness to another employee. Once this happens, the sickness could keep traveling and you would end up having a lot of employees miss work. Fortunately, there are many things you can do to help prevent germs and the spread of disease, one of which is hiring a commercial cleaning company. Below are some services they can provide to you.

General Cleaning

The commercial cleaning company can wipe down all surfaces to remove germs. The cleaning products used are made to kill germs. The commercial cleaning company will also thoroughly vacuum the carpeting in your office. This not only makes your office more sanitized, but also keeps the aesthetics of your offices up. If you have flooring that has no carpeting, the cleaning company can also clean the floor and then apply a polish to make the floor shine.

If you have plants in your office, those plants can easily attract dust on the leaves. Because of this challenge, the cleaning company can use a special duster to remove the dust. All mirrors will be wiped down, as well as computer desks, keyboards, monitors, printers, telephones, and more.

Deep Cleaning

If you have not had your offices cleaned in some time, you should consider hiring the commercial cleaning service to deep clean everything. Deep cleaning involves a deeper clean of all floors that have no carpeting, as well as carpeted floors. The cleaning company will move desks and other furniture to clean underneath them. Door handles and light switches will be cleaned, the restrooms will be deep cleaned—which involves cleaning all walls, ceilings, and the flooring. The toilets will be cleaned to remove any stains that may be in the toilet bowl, the area behind the toilet will be cleaned and sanitized. The cleaning company will also wipe down all countertops, sinks, and flat surfaces. Office chairs will be vacuumed or wiped down. Window ledges, interior window glass, and vents will be dusted and cleaned. Computer equipment, keyboards, mouses, telephones, and more will be cleaned and sanitized.

Keeping your offices professionally cleaned will help prevent odors. You can find some commercial cleaning companies that will also clean exterior windows, remove waste, clean walkways, and wash doors. To keep your offices clean set up a cleaning schedule with a commercial cleaning company (such as Tidy Tim Cleaning) to come to your business.

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