Do You Need Both A Housekeeping Maid And A Nanny?

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If you and your spouse are both very successful in your individual careers, that probably means that you have to dedicate a great deal of time to your business commitments. Perhaps you have realized that it is time to hire both a housekeeping maid and a nanny. Do you already have a plan on what you will do to accomplish that? Maybe you are looking for ideas on how to make having help in your housework well for you. If so, read on for some ideas that might be of help.

Unless you have friends or family members who can make a recommendation on the individuals you will hire, it might be best for you to go through an agency that places individuals as housekeeping maids and as nannies. By doing that, you can be assured that your workers will be bonded and that background checks will have been made.

Once you have interviewed and then hired the people who will work for you, be very specific about what their responsibilities will be. Later on, that will more than likely mean that there won't be disagreements about who is supposed to have certain responsibilities. Before you hire the maid and the nanny, you need to have clear in your own mind what those responsibilities will be.

The Housekeeping Maid - Will the maid just be responsible for cleaning the house? Perhaps you also want her to do things like grocery shopping and preparing at least some of the meals your family will eat in the evenings. If you want cooking to be part of the housekeeper's chores, think of sitting down with her to plan menus that she is comfortable preparing. Establish which major jobs the maid is willing to do. For instance, will she clean windows and the outdoor patio? 

The Children's Nanny - Obviously, you have hired a nanny who loves children and who is excellent in caring for them. Talk with the nanny about things she is willing to do with the children. For example, will she be available to help with homework when your school-aged children get home from school? Will the nanny be comfortable taking your pre-schoolers to things like ballet class or reading time at the public library? 

Even though you will be paying the housekeeper and the nanny a salary, consider giving bonuses along the way. For example, with Valentine's Day coming up, it would be very nice to give a gift card to something like a movie theater or a restaurant.

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