Prompt Your Pet To Use Their Litter Box And Clean Hardwood Flooring That Has Been Soiled

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You probably adore your new kitten and their playful demeanor, but as your pet grows accustomed to their new living quarters, they may take it upon themselves to leave their scent upon portions of the hardwood flooring. It isn't uncommon for a pet to relieve themselves in a corner of a room or behind a furnishing. It is important to set up a litter box and leave it in one part of your home. This will instill consistency in your pet's routine. If you do find urine stains on the hardwood flooring, however, use a natural cleaning method to restore the wooden covering.

Have Your Pet Spayed/Neutered And Clean The Litter Box

A pet that hasn't been altered will be more likely to urinate on random surfaces. Cats tend to mark their territory and will associate the smell of their urine with their personal space. To prevent additional staining on the floor, have your pet spayed or neutered as soon as they are mature enough to undergo a surgical procedure.

Maintain the cleanliness of your pet's litter box. Use litter pan liners to make each cleaning session quick and convenient. Place the litter box on top of plastic sheeting to prevent the contents of the box from coming into contact with the floor. Even if you are conscientious about keeping the box clean, litter pieces and fecal matter may spill out onto the floor when your pet uses its paws to cover the spot where they urinated or defecated.

Treat Stains/Odors And Declutter Your Home

Track your kitten's daily mannerisms and use your sense of smell to detect what parts of the flooring have been soiled. If you smell a strong ammonia-like scent, there is a good chance that you have discovered the area that your pet has been using as their personal restroom. Look at the color of the hardwood flooring. If it is darker than the boards that surround it or if you notice a glossy sheen, you have discovered the exact area where the urine has seeped into the flooring.

Mix equal amounts of vinegar and citrus oil. Use a soft cloth to apply the cleaning mixture to the flooring. Rinse your cloth with warm water and wipe the same sections of the flooring. Once the stain has been lifted, the unpleasant odor will no longer be evident. Declutter your home, since this will eliminate hiding spots that may appeal to your kitten and prompt them to urinate.

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